Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tech note: I formed the head around an easter egg then cut it in two halves, removed the egg and put it back together then sculpted the face. I threw an small jug on the wheel then when it became leather hard I shaped it into the body. I sculpted the legs from the sole of the shoe up then attached them to the body. I attached the head to the body, sculpted the and refined the shape, defined the clothing, then sculpted the ears . Sculpted the hands and arms, made the arm joints, posed the arms and hands. I then cut the body at the top of the shorts so the it opens, hollowed out the bottom where the butt and legs attached, built a flange onto the inside of the top, flattened the area where I will attach the the hinge. Set it aside to dry. I will bisque fire, attach the hinge then paint with acrylic paint, antique then I will apply hair and cloth the figure.

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